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I started to lose track of what I needed to get done and was getting discouraged about things that are not moving along. I figure that it was time for a “Project Plan” of sorts.

Updated – 12/30/2020

#ActivityDepends OnWhen AddedCurrent StatusNotes
1PI4 installation – Resolve Power issue and add power switch11/18/2020UnderwayParts are on Order, relay, 12v illuminated switch, still tuning the 5v power – Will have everything 11/20. 11/24/2020 – I have received the gear and relay. I have designed and printed the front plates to hold the switches and external connectors.
2Installation of UGS111/18/2020UnderwayI have it installed and am trying to figure out how to use it.
3Connect the Pi4 for the ESP32111/18/2020UnderwayI have to configure the ESP32 to only work from the USB cable. I do not want it exposed via a network. There is no security on GRBL that I can see. No bluetooth.
4Fan covers for electronics chassis – Filters11/18/2020UnderwayI have a fan cover that I like, it is not tall enough to handle thickness of the filter material that I have. I have to finish sealing the case. 11/24/2020 – I am working on the second iteration of the covers that will house filters to keep the electronics clean. 12/20/2020 – These are completed and installed. I have not powered up the fans yet.
4.1Design and print cable management for Electronics11/18/2020UnderwayI am looking at options on Thingiverse as well as working on my own design. I have the final designs for the Cable clips 11/24/2020 – the hooks have been printed and installed on the new back panel. 12/30/2020 – Everything is completed including the switch plates etc. Working on the wiring now.
4.1.1Redo the back panel on the electronic chassis11/20/2020UnderwayAfter all of this work, I just do not like how the backer board is sitting and the fact that it is not the full size of the back and not really offset very well from the backing. 11/24/2020 – I have installed 1/2″ plywood as a new back and will have to make sure that I ground the case.
4.2Complete Electronics Package1,2,3,411/18/2020UnderwayThis is to finish up things like cable chases, etc.
5Installation of the fans111/18/2020
6Motor Covers with Connectors4.211/18/2020UnderwayLooked at Thingiverse for options, found some that I like, but will redraw for 14mm airplane connectors. 11/24/2020 – I have done one iteration and I totally hate it. I am also going to use 8 wire aviation connectors, to make them smaller.
7Internal Cabling for Airplane connectors611/18/2020UnderwayI have all of the parts and I need to figure out the lengths of the cables. 11/24/2020 – I have drilled the holes and started crimping the Dupont connectors.
8Internal Cabling for Limit Switches611/18/2020Waiting on the motor caps and Drag chain mounts
9Modify and get the limit switches running611/18/2020
10Drag Chain development4.211/18/2020UnderwayI like the Nick Ellson Y axis cable chain and the mounts for the X axis that use the tube knuckle. 11/24/2020 – I have the drag chains in and have started to design the truck lock mounts. I also have the aluminum, 1.5″x1.5″ bracket for the Z axis gantry.
11Run and terminate cables in cable chains, including DW660 power1011/18/2020UnderwayCable chains are ordered 15mm x 30mm – 11/24/2020 – I have the drag chains and aluminum in.
11.1Reprint several pieces that have broken12/30/2020Several pieces have just broken. A truck clip and endstop clip just snapped.
12Redo the “Z” axis tubes and screw holes11/18/2020InvestigationWhen these were delivered from the vendor, they cut them wrong and I had to cut them down, I used a grinder. Terrible. I have a length that I can use to redo them with a pipe cutter.
14Implement Dust shoe1211/18/2020InvestigationI like the one that Nick Ellson did, however I need to pick up a small shop vac for it and add it to the electronics package.
15Implement gantry for Dust Collection1411/18/2020This is something to hold the hose for the dust shoe and control interface for turning on and off.
16DW660 installation 12,13,1511/18/2020This includes using the relay in the ESP32 board, adding a seconds mains power to the electronics suite.
17Install spoil board11/18/2020
18Build and install monitor and keyboard stand11/18/2020
19Print and install Tube end caps11/18/2020Investigating

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