ATXPiHat Zero – ATX PSU Interface for 3D Printers


To easily connect an ATX power supply to your 3d printer and power an Octoprint enabled Pi. No more cutting, soldering, and destroying your Raspberry Pi. This is the feature rich little brother of the original ATXPiHat. Increased amperage for support of larger printers, additional integrated port for filament and environmental sensors.

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Here is the list of features:

  • Fully compatible with Octoprint 1.3.8 or greater.
  • Directly power the Raspberry Pi 3B, no more external power source.
  • ATX 24 and 4 pin Molex connector, no more cutting up the supply cables
  • Amperage support to handle 36 amps at 12v for heat bed and hot end
  • Screw connectors make easy connection to the main board, External Mosfet, etc
  • Emergency power off (EPO)
  • Power On/Off monitoring
  • Visual indicator of the 12v supply being active and powering the external devices
  • 12v monitored (RPM) cooling fan port
  • Upon fan failure it can be configured to automatically shut the printer down
  • Auxiliary 5v support for external powered items
  • Power On monitoring
  • IO port that supports (Available for purchase), either;
    • 2 or 3 pin filament out sensor
    • DHT11/22/AM2302/DS18B20 sensors
  • Octoprint ready, Initial plugin is available as of this note, not all features are complete
    • Plugin is available via the Plugin repository
    • Integrates heavily with the connection manager
    • EPO gracefully shuts down the printer and refreshes the connections.

Disclaimer: this board has not been tested by an independent lab such as UL, or anyone else. You use it at your own risk. Each board is shipped tested and should work properly out of the box. They are designed to work with a Raspberry Pi 3b and Zero. However, all the work has been done on Pi 3b’s.  Never, and I mean never, use this board and or your printer unsupervised. I will not be held accountable for anything that happens while using this board. Again, use it at your own risk.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 3 × 1 in

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