Anet A8 or Compatible Auto Bed Leveling Kit


Adding auto leveling to your Anet A8 (or compatible) 3D printer, is easy with this kit.

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Anet A8 or Compatible Auto Bed Leveling Kit w/LJ18A3-8-Z/BX NPN NO

It comes with all of the hardware built and tested. Just plug it in to the main board, configure and upload Marlin, then level/tram your hotbed. I personally have been using this kit on my Anet A8, for over a year. For mine, I had to buy all of the pieces, assemble, and configure the software. I wanted to bring this kit to everyone without all of the hassles.

  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • LJ18A3-8-Z/BX – 18mm wide/up to 8mm sensor distance
  • Xygax Level Shift V1
  • Designed for 12v implementation
  • No soldering, shrink wrapping, crimping
  • Provides 12v to the sensor and isolates it away from the main board
  • Supported by Marlin and Skynet
  • This has been tested with this bracket from Leo_n

Works and has been tested with

  • Stock PCB aluminium heat bed
  • Through 3mm glass with PCB aluminium bed
  • GeckoTek build plate
  • BIQU PEI sheet

Do to the cost of shipping, these are only available in the US. If I get enough requests, I will add the shipping to Canada and the EU. Please note, this will most likely be anywhere from $12 to $16.

Does not work with the stock Anet firmware

Before any purchase, please review the Terms of Service.

Disclaimer, this sensor configuration and hardware has not been tested by an independent lab such as UL, or anyone else. You use it at your own risk. Each sensor is fully assembled and shipped tested and should work properly out of the box. I will work hard with the user to make sure that everything is good, however like anything in the RepRap space, you are responsible if you burn your house down. Never, and I mean never, use any of our hardware and or your printer unsupervised. I will not be held accountable for anything that happens while using this board. Again, use it at your own risk.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 in
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