New Store – ATXPiHat Zero’s Available for Purchase!

Effective today 05/29/2018, we have moved the store from Tindie to The Tindie store will be available for about the next month, while we update all of the links on our site to point at the new store. Albeit moving the store is disruptive to our customers; it gave us some significant control and cost cutting capability. We have also been able to better handle our shipping and payment costs, so that we can pass the savings to our customers.

We have also expanded our offerings to include the new ATXPiHat Zero and a series of compatible sensors. You can now connect an ATX power supply to more power hungry printers, up to 36 amps at 12v. We have also added support for external sensors; including filament out and temperature sensors. We have plans for DHT22 – temperature/humidity sensor.

Please read all of the differences between the ATXPiHat and ATXPiHat Zero. We have also expanded our installation instructions, to include all of the basics around how to install the Zero. The Octoprint plugin has also been updated to support the new board. If you currently have the ATXPiHat installed, the plugin should automatically update then next time Octoprint checks for an update.

As always if there are any questions, please contact us and I will do my best to get back to everyone as quickly as possible.

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