Conversation with Kelly on Facebook Messenger 10/15/2017 – Fried printer!

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Brian Hey wanted to check in. Give me an update when you can.
Kelly My printer is in the shop. The guys at zyltech think that device fried my psu and that killed the board. I am picking it up on thursday
Brian Ah crap. that is not good.
do you have the wiring setup?
Kelly They will​ have it up and figured out on monday or Tuesday. No I don’t. I was going to make sure everything worked before I wrote it down.
Brian ah shit. Sorry about that. Yellow wires to the board, correct?
Is the PI still working? and did it continue to work even after you had it all connects?
connected that is?
Kelly No the pi survived.
Yellow wires (hot.) went the board
Brian so one yellow and one black to the main board. 12v, if I remember you have at least a single Mosfet, so another yellow and black to the mosfet.
Kelly Actually I dont know if the pi survived. I haven’t logged into It but I plugged it in and the lights came on.
Yes I hooked up the 2 mosfets
They will tell me what went wrong on Monday or tuesday
The guys at zyltech are really good
Brian I feel terrible. Please let me know ASAP what went wrong. I am curious, did you test the output voltage on the ATX supply prior to connecting it to the main board?
Essentially, I am trying to figure out if there is something in the instructions that I have wrong.
Does the PI power up with the original power supply?
Kelly My power supply is a corsair gold 800 watt psu. The voltage is correct on it.
Brian wow. That is some supply. I guess go big or go home.
Did you give everything to the repair shop to look at?
Kelly I used to build computers competitively and professionally. I spent 20 years building custom computers. I have ample supply of spare computer parts.
Yes I did
Brian ok, including the board I sent?
Kelly They are just charging me 100
Brian ah crap
Kelly I already paid them when I dropped it Off
Brian ah crap
Kelly Its all good
They are also installijg a bunch of upgrades I didn’t install
Brian upgrades? Like what?
just curious
Kelly New e3dv6, titan extruder, igus bearings, glass bed, stainless steel belt, and the ramps board
Brian essentially a new printer
Kelly So the stock board did me a favor when I fried it. Yes that’s what i am hoping for
Brian Are they going to try to get my board working, or are they going to just put the old power supply back in.?
Kelly I gave them another corsair 800
No I told them to take it off
Brian ok, If you want, have them get in touch with me and I will be than happy to help.
Kelly I’ll send it back to you
Brian That would be great to get it back. I am interested to see what happened. Do you mind?
Kelly Ok I will do that.
Not at all my friend
Brian Here is the everything.
Brian Anichowski xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (removed for the post)
Kelly Ok cool When I get the printer back on Thursday and send it out same day
Brian I am so sorry about this. Regardless, I appreciate the help. I gather that all of the cable cutting and the screw connectors are a pain in the backside to deal with.
Kelly It was a pain on the old psu because the wiring is way different
The corsair was a lot more streamlined
When you say help what do you mean?
Brian OK, we have been working on another version of this device that uses a 24 pin molex connector so that there is no cable cutting.
Meaning that if was going to try to use the board, have them call me (or something), and I would try to help them get it working.
Kelly Ok cool . I’ll see what they say. Hopefully the board you sent didn’t get fried
Brian If it did, no worries. That is why this was a “Beta”
I wanted to see what would happen in the field. This feedback always helps with the viability of a product.
Kelly Oh good
Brian If it is ok with you, I am going to post that the testing was a bust and that you are sending it back.
Kelly Yes please
Brian ok. thank you for everything. I appreciate the help with this. When we have the second iteration, I will give you first shot at it. There is no harm/no foul to say no. You feedback is appreciated.
Kelly Ok that works!

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  1. Amazing. I learned through this post that there is a repair shop for 3d printers in my zip code. Obviously Kelly and I live right next to each other! Never knew zyltech existed.

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