July 2018 Update

New products, store, as well as updated Octoprint plugin, support articles, and interview with Matt Snow, from Inside the Mind of Matt.

We have been busy with all sorts of activities over the last two and a half months. I want to bring everyone up to date with everything going on.

FullSizeR3On May 27, 2018, we released the ATXPiHat Zero. It is specifically designed for devices that require higher amperages. The ATXPiHat V1, is able to handle just under 20 amps at 12v, the Zero can handle up to 36 amps at 12v. It also has an IO port for sensors like temperature and filament out detection. The shop has all of the pieces and parts. We are working on additional sensors for this as well as future products.

To coincide with the release of the new ATXPiHat Zero, there is a new release of the Octoprint plugin that now supports both the V1 and Zero boards. Version 1.1.5 is available via GitHub as well as the Octoprint plugin repository.

We have expanded the support area to include some new articles regarding installation, FAQ and general notes regarding all of the products that we produce and support.

After much consideration, Tindie is a great platform, however between the fees and time it takes for service help, I moved the store to the baprojectworkshop.com/shop. This gave us some great flexibility when dealing with credit cards and shipping. The Tindie store is still around, and I will keep it up to date for a while.

At the beginning of May, Tim Hoogland of TH3Dstudio.com had a quick snippet regarding the ATXPiHat V1 during an interview with Matt Snow. Here is a picture from the video that they sent me. Tim has promised to take a look and give me some feedback.


Matt Snow of Inside the Mind of Matt is using the V1 board for his Piper Project. He recently asked me to give a quick overview of who I am and what we do. I am new to the whole YouTube thing and I look stiff as a board. It will get better over time.

Special thanks goes out to Steve Wilson. He runs the Anet 3D Printer Help & Discussion Facebook group. Turns out that he lives down the road from me. He stopped by recently and we had a long talk about what we are doing and the projects that he has going on. He posted a great note on the Facebook group. Steve has also started a new blog, and his first article was about the work we are doing.

Product Spotlight

2018-04-28T21_35_29.678Z-20180428_170412 - CopyAbout the same time we released the ATXPiHat Zero, we also released a bed leveling sensor for Prusa/Anet compatible printers. These are fully tested and have an 8mm depth. These are perfect for glass, PEI sheets, and the stock PCB build surfaces.

This sensor is ready to go, no cutting, crimping, shrink wrapping. It uses 12v and has a 8mm sensing depth for the best performance. These are all pretested and work with Marlin and Skynet out of the box.

To all of my customers, family and friends of this project, thank you for all of the support. It has been great.



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