Dremel Hook for Ikea Shelf

For the holidays this year, my wife got me a new Dremel 4000 series unit and the flexible shaft that goes with it. I know that it sounds terrible that I only owned a cheap one, but everytime that I needed it, I never got around to purchasing a good one. I wanted to be able to use this on my desk versus having to take it out everytime that I needed it. The hook that I saw on Thingiverse was a good idea, but to skinny and not long enough to support the device. I started with zi3d version and loaded into Tinkercad modify to fit the Ikea Bjarnum shelves and brackets.

This is the approach I cut and extended the arms to fit.

Ikea Hook for Dremel Tinkercad

The problem was for the weight and the torque would make this move. I added the little tabs on the finger ends to make sure that the hook would “clip” on and not twists. After cutting and extended and adding, I just could not get the geometry right. So off to Solidworks.

Ikea Hook for Dremel

This is what I came up with. A little help from my engineer son, and off to the printer. It fit right from the printer on the first try. Sometimes it is easier to just redraw something then to try to modify it.

Dremel Printed Hook

This is available on Thingiverse. Here is how this works;

Dreml Hook Demo

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