ATXPiHat Zero Released

To easily connect an ATX power supply to your 3d printer and power an Octoprint enabled Pi. No more cutting, soldering, and destroying your Raspberry Pi. This is the low cost, feature rich little brother of the original ATXPiHat. Now available for purchase or on my Tindie Store!

Learned alot from the first one

After the release on the ATXPiHat V1, we have had a lot of suggestions, comments and yes, criticism. The compliments and satisfaction have outweighed the negative feedback. After all of the discussions, arguments, and feedback; we increased the amperage to support larger printers, added IO support for enclosures and sensor devices. We also heard from everyone, we had to somehow bring down the cost. With the quantities that we are making this is very hard. So in this vain, we eliminated the LED and amperage monitor support. Turns out that most folks did not want or use them. There are some plans to use the 5v output and some LEDS to make a mount to light the hot end for the the Octoprint camera.

To support the new board, we are also releasing 3 wire filament out, and DS18B20 temperature sensors. These are all wired and tested for the ATXPiHat Zero and run on the IO4 port. More sensors are on the way, and the pinout for the IO4 plug will be made available very soon. Contact us if you have an idea for the usage and we will assist in figuring out what you need to do.

With the shipping of the new ATXPiHat Zero, we are also releasing an updated Octoprint plugin. It auto-senses which board it has.

Here is the list of features:

  • Open source, based on Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  • Fully compatible with Octoprint 1.3.8 or greater.
  • Directly power the Raspberry Pi 3B, no more external power source.
  • ATX 24 and 4 pin Molex connector, no more cutting up the supply cables
  • Amperage support to handle 36 amps at 12v for heat bed and hot end
  • Screw connectors make easy connection to the main board, External Mosfet, etc
  • Emergency power off (EPO)
  • Power On/Off monitoring
  • Visual indicator of the 12v supply being active and powering the external devices
  • 12v monitored (RPM) cooling fan port
  • Upon fan failure it can be configured to automatically shuts the printer down
  • Auxiliary 5v support for external powered items
  • Power On monitoring
  • IO port that supports, either;
    • 2 or 3 pin filament out sensor
    • DHT11/22/AM2302/DS18B20 sensors
  • Octoprint ready, Initial plugin is available as of this note, not all features are complete
    • Plugin is available via the Plugin repository
    • Integrates heavily with the connection manager
    • EPO gracefully shuts down the printer and refreshes the connections.

Each package comes with;

  • The ATXPiHat Zero board

Shipping must be separate. We are located in the eastern time zone of the US. I will ship overseas, however the shipping is more expensive. I am still looking for a drop shipper that has reasonable prices in the EU/UK as well as Australia, and South America. Please contact us with your location and we look into what the shipping is going to be.

Here are the Amazon affiliate links to hardware that can be used and has been tested with the ATXPiHat;

I am hoping that if we get enough interest, we will purchase in bulk and create complete kits for everything that you need. For now, we want to gauge the market.

For some of the plastics that were created to support this project, please go to Thingiverse for all of the designs. We will provided all off the Solidworks files as well. There are more items coming. We have been really focused on the software and need to design a top for the mount to hold the fan.

I want to send a special thanks for Gina for all of her help and putting up with all of my questions. I wish you all of the luck with your product and I hope that we can continue to contribute.

Please note, customizing 3d printers, custom electronics, etc are done at your own risk. This is provided as an approach to solving a problem. I am not responsible for any issues that a user runs into during the use of this equipment.

Reference Material and Attribution

If I left anyone out, please let me know and I will update this article.

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