ATXPiHat Plugin update to 1.0.6

Here is the latest update regarding the ATXPiHat as of 3/25/2018.

I got back from MRRF 2018 early this afternoon, and I sat down to complete some of the plugin work that I have been doing. I will have another article in the coming days that goes into everything around MRRF and the general feedback that we received. The ATXPiHat’s have been selling well and I will be getting more in from Steve in the next several weeks.

I am also working on a post that goes into everything around the LED’s and external switch. More to come on that.

There have been some great questions and have not had a lot of issues. Please look at the FAQ section for some of the questions and answers. I have expanded the installation instructions to help with some of the items that have come up.

I also got a great email regarding a Monoprice Mini V2, and what would be involved with implementing the ATXPiHat with it. It is possible based on the specifications that I am seeing. It believe that it would be a nice upgrade in conjunction with a MOSFET to handle the heat bed. It would heat faster and be more consistent. Please contact me if you are interested in this.

I have been working on the plugin and clearing up a lot of bugs and completing new features. As soon as the 1.3.7 version of Octoprint is finished with beta, I will work on making sure that everything is compatible. I am also going to look at the new enhanced logging. Here are the links to the current release information;

Here is the list of items that have been updated and repaired in the 1.0.6 plugin;

  • Update to the I2C/ADC class to detect the amperage and voltage correctly.
  • Repaired an issue where one of the timer threads that was interfering with I2C interface and causing the voltage and amperage to read 2 times the actual value.
  • Repaired and issue that caused Octoprint to crash when shutting down.
  • Completed implementation of the G-code monitoring/handling of the LEDs and external switch.
  • Display the Amp/Volt/Fan RPM on the left side state panel.
  • Implemented board version detection.
  • Extended the logging to the ADC and Fan PWM monitoring and control software.
  • Detect and wait on the pigpiod to start. This is to handle starting of Octoprint prior to loading the pigpiod service. The plugin will now delay the start of the plugin and Octoprint for up to 60 seconds waiting on the pigpiod service to start.
  • Tab security optimizations, as well as handling warm start of the UI if the plugin/Octoprint is restarted.
  • Changed the Emergency Power Off logo on the navigation bar to display something that you can actually see.
  • Elimination of one of the repeat timers to help with overall performance.
  • Added a new “Fun Stuff” section to the configuration panel for miscellaneous features. Add checkbox to turn on/off the Octopus logo from the front grid.

If there are any questions or problems with the new version, please contact me. I am in the eastern time zone of the US and have a full-time day job. I will do my best to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

If you are interested the ATXPiHat’s they are available on Tindie.

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