ATX PSU Conversion Beta Update 4

The boards have been received by both Larry and Kelly. I have notes out to them to get an update on the installation. Larry was having some issues with loading Octoprint on his Raspberry Pi. I know that Kelly had gotten a hold of another ATX power supply to use. I am hoping to have a real update over the next several days.

9/25/2017 7:00 am Update. I talked to Larry and he got his PI Zero working and was playing working on configuring Octoprint. We was have some issues with the network setup. I have to agree with him, the network setup for the Jessie image that Octoprint uses is terrible when it comes to static IP address setup on the wireless adapter. There is just no way to do it via the standard config files. After you get it started and whatnot, then you can go in and do some setup. It is still complicated.

Steve Smith and I have been working on a PI Hat of this board that has this functionality as well as a bunch of other features. They include; External RGB LED (4 pin XH) management, Full 12 and 5v support, external switching, fully integrated with Octoprint, EPO – Emergency Power Off, and a cooling fan for the PI. There are some other features that I will keep until we have worked out the prototypes and the software.

There is more to come regarding the hat and the current beta.

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