ATX PSU conversion Beta Update 2

Well we have had a bit of a slow start. I want to thank the two folks that have volunteered to help out.

I have been busy the last week, so the hardware will get shipped tomorrow. Larry told me that he has a bunch of Anet A8 printers and is currently working on setting up one of them with Octoprint and a PI. Kelly is ready to go with Anet, PI and Octoprint.

Steve and I (mostly Steve) have been working on a significant upgrade to this and will have something coming out in a few months. I have been contributing on the idea’s front and Steve has been working on the hardware and circuitry design. He has been terrific and understands the electronics end of this very well. I am working on the plugin and forcing myself to learn Python. Not a fan; ok be quiet I hear the boo’s. Octoprint is built on top of it, and there is really no way around it. Should not be a problem. I have been programming for a very long time and a tool is a tool. As soon as we can have something out, I will get an update out to everyone.

Thanks and more updates to come.


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